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Nyzul Static Rules.

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Nyzul Static Rules. Empty Nyzul Static Rules.

Post  Akinji Wed 19 Nov - 11:16


I'm looking for people who want to rush Nyzul. We'll do 6-7 runs each week.

Runs will be on wednesday (3 runs) & sunday (4 runs).
Wednesday we'll meet @9pm & sunday @8.30pm. End @10.30-11pm wednesday & sunday. (GMT+1 Paris/Brussels/Madrid/etc)

First thing to do is rush the floor from 0 to 100. 3 week normally... (5 floors each run = 35 floors/week ^^)
Then FARM the armor sets ^^ I hope you're not a leech who will leave after obtain your full set. Some of us will certainly need more than one set, so prrrrriiizz, don't leave when you're full set. Don't do the asshole *o*.

The sets! :

Askar Set.
Goliard Set.
Denali Set.

The lot rules is easy ^^ Each member put a priority on each item.

i.e. :

Feets : Askar#1/Goliard#2/Denali#3.
Legs : Denali#1/Goliard&Askar#Owned. Razz
Hands : Askar#1/Goliard#2/Denali#3.
Body : Askar#1/Denali#2/Goliard#3.
Head : Askar#1/Denali#2/Goliard#3.

Then, if the 20th floor's NM drop the Askar Feets, all peoples who put the #1 prioty on it, lot. If no more people w/ #1 priority need it, then people w/ #2 lot, then #3.

I hope, you guys will be honest; lot only if you are #1. I don't want to check the wish list at each runs.

For people who didn't do any Nyzul runs before, the drop rate is not so bad... We can rush this really quick.
Sometimes, we'll find NMs on the road, if we have enough time, we'll just kill them ^^ NMs drop Nyzul weapons for unlock new WS & some "??? Items" (box, bow, sword, etc) who can be change on money items sometimes... (i.e. Valkurm Emperor drop "??? Headgear", with this, we have a chance to obtain an Emperor Hairpin...).
On crap/cheap items, it's free lot in the pool. If we obtain a money item, we'll just sell it & give same part of money to everyone.

Ohh yeah ^^ For a most easier run, Skype roxxx lol ^^ Don't be shy, I don't care :p, really trust me, it help a lot ^^'.

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